Type 10 – Bridle Web Slings

Bridle web sling made with oblong master links.



  • Slings made with oblong master links
  • Links fit at one end and hook on the other end
  • Soft eyes and other hardware also available


Part NumberWeb WidthWeb PliesOblong Size (Dia.)Hook Size (tons)Number of Legs*Rated Capacity (lbs):
Rated Capacity (lbs):
Rated Capacity (lbs):
Rated Capacity (lbs):
NSOS1 - 8011"11/2"1T Alloy11,600---
NSOS1 - 8011"11/2"1T Alloy2-2,7002,2001,600
NSOS1 - 8011"13/4"1T Alloy3-4,1003,3002,400
NSOS1 - 8011"11"1T Alloy4-5,5004,5003,200
NSOS2 - 8011"21/2"1T Alloy12,000---
NSOS2 - 8011"21/2"1T Alloy2-3,4002,8002,000
NSOS2 - 8011"23/4"1T Alloy3-5,1004,2003,000
NSOS2 - 8011"21"1T Alloy4-6,9005,6004,000
NSOS1 - 8022"15/8"2T Alloy13,200-
NSOS1 - 8022"13/4"2T Alloy2-5,5004,5003,200
NSOS1 - 8022"11"2T Alloy3-8,3006,7004,800
NSOS1 - 8022"11-1/4"2T Alloy4-11,0009,0006,400
NSOS2 - 8022"25/8"2T Alloy13,700---
NSOS2 - 8022"23/4"2T Alloy2-6,4005,2003,700
NSOS2 - 8022"21"2T Alloy3-9,6007,8005,500
NSOS2 - 8022"21-1/4"2T Alloy4-12,80010,4007,400

Ratings are based on using Class 7 web
*Rated capacities are based on horizontal sling angle
Higher sling capacity is available with the use of web connection fittings.
Custom Slings are available upon request with other types of hardware and fittings.