FIRST Inspectable FHPZ Round Sling

FHPZ High Performance Inspectable Round Sling is a high performance sling made from the same hybrid blend of HMPE and Aramid fibers as our HPZ Sling. The fibers are enclosed by FIRST Inspectable jacket that allows riggers a consistent and reliable visual inspections of the core yarns.



  • Transparent Clear Cover makes inspection of the load bearing core yearns a reality and eliminates unnecessary and costly repairs due to unreliable overload indicators
  • Lightest weight high performance sling on the market
  • Superior strength to weight ration promotes load bearing fibers
  • Low Stretch – less that 1% at rated capacity
  • Serialized and proof tested to 200% of rated capacity
  • Seamless, no stitch edges that can rupture prematurely
  • Endless configuration allows for rotation of wear points


Part NumberVerticalChoker*Basket**Weight (lbs/ft) Approx.Body Diameter Relaxed (in.)Width at Load (in.) Approx.
FHPZ 1010000800020000.24 lbs2"1.75"
FHPZ 15150001200030000.31 lbs2"2"
FHPZ 20200001600040000.42 lbs3"2"
FHPZ 25250002000050000.51 lbs3"2.25"
FHPZ 30300002400060000.58 lbs3:2.62"
FHPZ 40400003200080000.94 lbs4"3.50"
FHPZ 505000040000100000.95 lbs4"3.60"
FHPZ 6060000480001200001.11 lbs4"4"
FHPZ 7070000560001400001.305"4"
FHPZ 8585000680001700001.54 lbs5"4.25"
FHPZ 100100000800002000001.79 lbs5"4.50"
FHPZ 1251250001000002500002.22 lbs6"5"
FHPZ 1501500001200003000002.61 lbs6"5.25"
FHPZ 1751750001400003500003.07 lbs8"7"
FHPZ 2002000001600004000003.47 lbs8"7.25"

Avoid Temperatures above 158 degrees
*Choker hitch capacities based on a choke angle greater than 120 degrees
** Basket capacities based on a 90 degree basket hitch